Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aio, quantitas magna textilis.

The Ladies Amiable Skills Society manifested with an adept dedication to originating, perceiving, championing, generating, and chronicling all forms of creativity, imagination, genius, and general cleverness. We believe through coterie, that these ideals and actions can foster a society where it's brethren can be free to foster one self's own adroitness and celebrate abundance of bon temps.

The ancient order was formed by
Lass L, our Most Puissant Sovereign Illustrious Grand Potentate, who will hence forth be referred to as The Top Banana, in interest of saving our planet's oxygen; Lass C , The Vague, Virtuous, and Valorous Vizier, who will henceforth be called The Big Cheese in the interest of saving valuable space on the internet; and Lass K, our Eerie, Esoteric, and Estimable Empress who has asked that all refer to her simply as The Grand Poobah, as she worries about the society's insurance rates, if they were to have too many cases of brutal tongue tyings. All three took a blood oath that they would faithfully serve the order until death, or until they found someone else to take care of their nonsense.

There are only three criteria for membership in the society, and are as follows:
  • one must be good-natured,
  • have good hygiene, and
  • be invited
If the above three are met, then the loyal order will send out a formal invitation to the pledge, and once the invitation is accepted, the secret and enigmatic rituals will be performed that grant one full membership in The Ladies Amiable Skills Society.

Events are scheduled on an inspirational basis, and attendance is not mandatory, however it is thought to be quite convivial. Members may bring guests to events as long as they are charming, or in the very least, not obnoxious.

Above all, we're about the fun and the laughs. Good times....