Monday, January 11, 2010

LASS Initiation

The Lass Ladies would like to announce our newest member: The Soprana.

For the initiation, we had her do all sorts of difficult acts, that we cannot publish here, to show just how crafty she is; but also we had her make a ton of Martha Stewart glittered card kits, that the Grand Poobah got for $2 a piece in a discount store. Two kinds of kits were found, the bird kit and a botanical kit.

The bird kit was the universal winner for the ladies, creating not only spectacularly easy crafting, but wonderful results. The botanical kit was bit harder, being that the cutouts are more intricate and a bit more prone to sticking to it's self and tearing, when you're trying to remove the sticky backing.

One great bonus for these, is that if you're a good glitter monger, as the Lassies are, you can use small amounts of the glitter the comes with it, to achieve the desired effect on the cards, and have almost full jars left over for other crafting! Martha has some really excellent colors, and a nice grade of glitter, so this a definite bonus.